Monday, November 15, 2010

No more coffee....

I had decided not to buy caffeinated coffee for here at home because my time was getting short in Korea. I was buying only decaffeinated coffee and of course milk. I am now less than 30 days away from leaving and decided not to buy decaffeinated coffee and milk anymore until I get home. It just does not seem worth it. I get to Home Plus and a few other coffee shops where I indulge in coffee so that should do it. I have lots of tea both regular and herbal and sugar and artificial sugar that I got from from my son.

When I am at here at the apartment, I sit at the computer as I am doing now and sip my coffee so I will have to get used to at least for now sipping tea. Tea is not bad and during those days I don't go to a coffee shop, I get my caffeine from tea. I also have stopped drinking carbonated drinks, but that had nothing to do with leaving Korea. I am so used to drinking artificial sweetener that I could not stand the regular stuff and I needed the bottles so I could put water in them and freeze them for my air conditioner that I had in my apartment. It is a swamp cooler and Korea is very humid so I did not want to use ice or water and put more humidity in the air. Frozen ice in coke bottles did the trick. With the artificial sweetener, I could make my own herbal drink with fruit slices that I would buy at Home Plus. Lemonade is good in the summer.

I am going to miss having coffee here in my apartment, but it will only be a short time before I am home. I have one of those coffee machines that brews one cup at a time in my home. I can also buy canned evaporated milk in California so I don't have to go to the store for milk all of the time and store my extra milk right in my bedroom. My bedroom is the size of this apartment so I know I can do it. My son said he put a microwave in my room but I have not used one for a long time. I don't have one in Korea. I guess I will just have to think of ways of using it.

My mind is on the trip. Yesterday, my son made a reservation at a hotel at the airport in Incheon so I will be there the night before I leave. My plane leaves around 8 am. I was afraid of leaving Daejeon in the morning very early because so many things might go wrong.It might snow and I can't get there in time. Hopefully, they will have some coffee and milk at the hotel. I know cream is out of the question. Koreans don't put sugar or cream in their coffee. It's funny in a way. I use sugar, sometimes artificial sweetener and sometimes nothing in my tea. Koreans use nothing. But, everything else, Koreans use sugar. They love the stuff.

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