Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Change Again

My other son called me regarding the problems that I am having with the son that lives with me. He asked me if I really want my son and his family here. When he moved in here with me, he had no income and I let him come in and he was to work and help me with this house. Now, my son does not want to do this anymore. He has his disability checks. He does not want to pay rent nor does he want to help with the chores. I had to admit that I don't want him here anymore. He is now qualified for HUD and can now leave. My older son will take care of it for me. There will be a lot of work to clean up after him, but it will be worth it. Even when he invited his girlfriend and her son to move in, he never asked me if they could move in. They just did.

When my son asked me what I wanted, I thought about the things I wrote in these blogs and what I wrote in my journals. I have been thinking about moving out myself. I feel so much relieved that I will finally have my home back. I will be able to invite friends for visits as I will have a living room. I will be able to cook in a kitchen. I will be able to work in the yard and throw away furniture that is on cans and other such things. I will be able to live with the doors open again as I have cats. I will be able to lock the doors as he leaves the doors unlocked all of the time. I had to put a lock on my bedroom door because I could not sleep in an unlocked house. I could go on. I will be changing the locks on the house as well. The trash in the yard has been taken out but there is so much work that needs to be done.

There will be some financial changes, but I can manage. I did before. I will just live one day at a time. I feel as if I will be getting my life back.

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