Monday, April 11, 2011

A New Living Room

I went to a sale at a good second hand store in a small town not far from here and found some nice furniture for a nice price. I bought a couch and a Lazy Boy chair and paid $30 total to have it transported to my living room which has been emptied of my youngest son's furniture. I spent the weekend fixing it back up to what I wanted it to be like. I lost a lot of things when I was in Korea last year, but I was able to salvage enough to get the living room I like living in.

It was strange, but living in my room I did not realized how cramped I felt there. I made numerous trips to Whiskeytown Lake and this weekend I did not feel the need to go. The stress of just getting out and stretching a bit while I sit here as I am doing now with the lap top on my lap is pure heaven. I rescued so many things out of the shed and cleaned them up. Of course, many of the things I rescued will have to be repaired later as a new glass top for the one broken on my Japanese table. My living room window will also have to be repaired for it has a crack where my son broke it.

I was so excited Saturday night that I woke up during the night just thinking about the renovation. I never came in here while my son lived here as it was dark and closed up with a huge television. Now, the windows are open and the the television is gone. I also bought some lamps so there is light enough to read. The son is keeping his stuff in preparation down in the family room.

I can look outside and see the trees that are around the house although they were butchered by my ex-husband with my new saw which he took with him. He took down all of my grapes, cut down the citrus trees, pomegranate tree and the fig trees are gone now. What he did inside my house he continued outside. He was really mad at me. There were nothing wrong with them. He took out gardens with the rototiller and made me pay for the rental of it. With all that he did, I don't think it did him any good for all he does not is sit in his apartment doing nothing. Maybe it was his last effort to discharge his anger. All I can do at this point is get on with my life and of course change the locks once my son leaves.

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