Monday, April 18, 2011

Change Letter to the Editor

This is a response to a column in the Record Searchlight dated April 18, 2011 about the way things have changed in how taxes are done and collected in this country:

There is the old truth that has always been with us that everything changes and that we must change with it. There will also be those among us that will fight it tooth and nail, with every fiber of their being until they are shown that the things they enjoy the most are part of the things that have changed.

I don't think there are too many who can predict what will change but only that things will change. This will continue long after all of us breathing at this moment are no longer breathing but are in the next stage of whatever lies beyond. Taxes is another form that will continue along with change. It is editable.

Wouldn't it make sense to enjoy our time on earth as much as possible and just accept it? This is part of the things we cannot change and work on the things we can such as corporations having so much power in our country and making sure our votes are counted. I am hoping for the wisdom to know the difference between the things that I can change and the things I can't. Ah, serenity....

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