Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bar of Soup

I really thought hard about posting about this. If there are any readers out there, they are going to think I am mad; but because this seemingly harmless solution really worked for me and is harmless I thought I would put it out there. I called my son about it.

I suffer from leg cramps and pain during the night. I often can't sleep because of it. I read in the newspaper and on some Internet article that I forgot where about using a bar of soup. It is an old traditional way of treating this malady that many people swear by and doctors say that there is no reason that it would work. It has to be in people's heads. Well, I got tired of feeling the pain and scared about taking medication that really didn't work all that well. I went out to the store and bought an imported bar of milled lavender scented soap from France because I don't use hard soap in the bath. I use liquid soap. I was going to put it in my underwear drawer if it didn't work. Well, surprise it did work. I was simply astonished. It worked. You feel the pain and then rub the bar of soap on the afflicted area and the pain disappears. The pain did not return all night. I slept through the entire night and woke up at 9 am.

That is not the first time some old remedy has worked. I remember having some hemorrhoids problem years ago. I got some prescription medication that did not work all that well. I had a book that listed "old wives tales" and it listed a mineral you take in pill form. I bought for just pennies at the nutritional center and in 24 hours I was healed. Now if I think I am coming down with the problem, I take the mineral although I lost the book in last year's purge. I never have the problem again.

I remember someone giving me these band aids with magnets in them to help with joint pain. I just could not image them helping. They did but they were very hard to get and expensive. The band aids wore out and the magnets never did. They played havoc around computers. Now, I use soap at night but just rubbing on my muscles. Heck if I know why it works but it does for now.

I just thought I would pass it along. It is like baldness for women. Women's hormones will cure baldness in women and red heads who have this problem have tremendous problems with this. They can get relief from going bald by getting hormones. I have no idea about men but it works for women. I got that tidbit from a doctor. Sometimes, we use cannons for mosquito bites. A little old fashion medicine helps when that is all what is needed and the only way we are going to learn about these little "tricks" is from word of mouth so to speak. As I said, if it didn't work it would not have done any harm.

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