Wednesday, August 10, 2011


All of my furniture was finally delivered yesterday including the right office chair and end table. I am now sitting in one of my new recliners in my living room looking out the glass patio doors and at the trees that form a green lacy pattern out there. It is too cold to open the glass sliding door even a crack. I put a temperature gauge out there and I an see that it is still in the late 50's degree F. out there. It is 7:30 AM.

Sometimes I think that the real treasure of the USA is the wonderful weather we have in this country. I know it is very hot in some parts of the country, but one can find a weather forecast that is pleasing to anyone someplace in the country. When I found out that there was no air conditioner in this apartment, I found myself panicking. Although I was raised in San Diego where my parents did not have one or need one as it was close to the ocean I had not lived in an area that was conducive to going without one. How in the world did people live without one not too long ago? Looking around, no one living in the basement apartments had one either. There is an odd air conditioner in a window in a third floor apartment here and there but not very many. It is the 10th of August and I can say for sure that there hasn't been one day that I felt I needed one here. The weather is very mild in Portland, Oregon.

I have always been fond of trees and in San Diego there are few enough of them for trees to be a pleasure in parks and in the country surrounding streams and in the higher elevations. I had relatives in Oregon although not in Portland and so I used to associate trees with coming to visit them. What made Balboa Park really beautiful in San Diego for me was the astonishing was the different kinds of trees that were planted there by someone at the turn of the 20th century.

In Portland, it isn't easy to chop down a tree even if it is on your land. You have to get permission and so on. I like that myself but then I don't own land here. When I was researching the area before coming here, I looked it up on Google and saw that it had plenty of trees. That was a big plus.

Of course, Redding has trees. One of my favorite places when I lived there was Whiskeytown Lake, not far from my house. It had lots of trees, mostly evergreen. It did have enough deciduous trees to make the autumns fantastic. I am expecting the fall to be beautiful as well here too.

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