Sunday, August 7, 2011

Delivery of Furniture

I found a second hand store that had furniture and had a policy of delivery. It is not without its problems as I was to discover. A friend came over and waited with me to receive my furniture but I did not get the dining room table and chairs as the store sold me the chairs that were sold previously to someone else. I asked for them to choose another dinning room set which they did. I thought it worked out well. The office chair was not the one I purchased and my end table went to someone else. The delivery people said for me to come by on Tuesday and they will work things out. The office chair is very uncomfortable and too small for me.

Even with all of the problems, I got a set of matching recliners that seem brand new. I needed them badly. I also got an end table with two drawers in it. I also got a six foot tall book shelf that is solid and nice looking. It all cost less than one hundred dollars. I was really surprised. I am sitting in one of my recliners now.

The second hand store is run by a Christian mission with volunteers. The merchandise is just as nice as Goodwill and Value Village except that the mission does not have a work force that rehabilitates the things that are given to them as Goodwill and Value Village. Some of the furniture are brand new and some are not. I really think the recliners are new but the dinning set is not although in good shape. The bookshelf is not new but also in good shape.

Most of my week was spent in medical procedures at the VA Hospital. I have several scheduled on Monday. Today, I have to be on a high protein, low carbohydrate diet and no exercise program. My arms are black and blue from the tests that are taken. At least, I won't be required to take a cab tomorrow. I can drive myself.

I am still hopeful about the results of the tests as the doctors seem to be. They think they caught the cancer at the early stage although I don't know the exact kind of cancer that I have and I am hoping I will know by tomorrow afternoon. So far, all of the cancers that I have had have been the slow growing kinds. I am hoping that my luck holds out.

I moved here in the first week in May with very little and now this apartment has everything I need. It is ironic that the main reason I moved here was the "purge" of my house by my ex-husband while I was working in Korea. I felt violated in my house and did not feel safe there anymore. I then learned that he was on his way back to Redding from Kansas. Since my oldest son said he would take over the payments, I left Redding and moved to Portland, Oregon a city I have been wanting to live for some time. I now know that if I did not move here, my cancer would not have been caught for it was the cat scan for a small benign tumor that my previous doctor did not want to scan but my current doctor thought she should showed on the corner of the scan the presence of something suspicious in my lungs. I have no symptoms of cancer at all. I have never smoked but was a passive smoker in past jobs when it was legal to smoke indoors.

I love Portland and have a good friend here. I have the atmosphere great and now my apartment is just the way I want it.

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