Friday, August 19, 2011

New Area of Concern

Well, you know what they say, when it rains it often pours. I have another area of concern on my body. I was in for another cat scan today. The woman who was giving me the scan told me to be positive and I wanted to strangle her. I am already scheduled to lose one lobe of my lung. What else is going to happen? And she is in her early 30's and telling me to be positive. I suppose it is better than her being someone crabby.

I do feel positive about the whole experience. If I did not move here to Portland, all of these areas would not have been caught at such an early stage. I am positive, but I just don't want to be told. That is all. It is my thyroid that has something suspicious. Again, I have no signs of any problems. The worst that could happen is for me to lose the thyroid and many people live without one for many years. I feel my neck and I feel nothing. I glanced at the picture that the woman is running and it looked like there was something, but I am not trained. The woman wanted to make sure if I don't hear within a few days I should call my surgeon. I promised.

Then I went to the Women's Clinic to find out why I have not gotten my prescription medication. I only get one, but I have not gotten it as yet. I am not out but I usually get the renewal about two weeks ahead. The receptionist told me that my prescription was not in the computer. I know it is for I have seen it. By now, I am low on sugar and I can feel it. I am surprised because I ate a sandwich before I left home. I am getting irritated. I told the receptionist that the other clinics that I have been at in the hospital have asked me about the only medication that I take. Then I said it looks to me that she needs some more training on the computer program she works with. I said it in a soft voice but that is not normal for me. I leave. On the way home she calls me on my cell phone and tells me she found it and let my doctor know it needs to be renewed. I apologized and told her that I was irritated because my sugar level was low. She said it was alright.

I went to Powell's Bookstore after I went to New Seasons Grocery Store where I could eat something that is gluten free. New Seasons is a wonderful food store that is full of wonderful things to eat and has many things that I can eat. I went to the bookstore and bought a few books and magazine and went home after stopping at Goodwill's Superstore for a few items that were on sale. I got a coffee cup tree, a filter for my vacuum cleaner and a picture for my bedroom.

Portland was not hot today, but the sky was blue and the sun was out. It got darker sooner this evening and I enjoyed reading and looking out at the trees through my patio door. Life is what it is and I am not happy about the new area of concern in my body. I have been lucky in that I have beaten cancer several times already. I think I will beat it this time. Someday, I will run out of track but I don't think I am there just yet. I am trying very hard not to be concerned about it.

I have several books that I am reading now that are enjoyable. My apartment is set up exactly the way I want it to be. That is pretty good considering I moved here in May with only a few pieces of furniture. The biggest worry for me in the past was getting a job that would pay the bills and support my children. I don't have that problem anymore. I have enough income coming in that my bills are paid. I don't have a writer's block although I am not sending anything out because I have pending surgery. I am getting things edited and ready to send later. I seem to be getting along with relatives and friends. I am living one day at a time.

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