Monday, August 22, 2011

Midsomer Murders and Art Fair

This past weekend I went to Silverton, Oregon for their Art Festival. The weather was perfect for it and I went with dear friends and had a great time. There were some wonderful artists and photographers who were displaying their wares. I bought several coffee mugs and one friend interviewed someone for a magazine. I met some very interesting people including the mayor of Silverton.

When I wasn't at the Silverton Art Festival, I watched several episodes of Midsomer Murders off of Netflix on my laptop. It got warm in Portland and I enjoyed the coolness of my apartment which never went above 70 degrees F. I had not watched it before. It is a series made in England under the wide umbrella of the BBC. It is a beautifully filmed series and they used very well done scripts. Each episode starts with a brief scene of the murder and the rest of the series is spent in solving who did it. I am in the early part of the series which has as its main detective, Tom Barnaby and his partner, Troy. There are plenty of red herrings to go around.

What I like most about this series is that the murders has many layers like life and all reasons are addressed and looked into until all questions are explained. Some of the plots were weak on explanations but that was rare. For example a elderly woman murders a man so a will could be found so an innocent woman would not be blamed for a murder and her unborn child not get his inheritance. There is no real connection between the elderly woman and the woman and the elderly woman except a sense of justice. The other scripts are far more stronger than that. There is also humor and some strong friendships and even love between Chief Inspector Barnaby and his wife.

I don't watch that much television but what I do watch must have the elements this show has such as wonderful photography, good scripts, good character development and excellent action. It has all of that and more. I love the English countryside. The homes both inside and outside look absolutely delicious.

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