Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another complaint

I normally don't post anything more than once a day, but I just got through saying good bye to the minister and his wife of the church of St. John, The Divine. I really must say something to Ted. They are upset about what I am saying about the so-called Book Philosophy. They heard about it from someone who heard about it from Ted. They are under the impression that the book in question is the Bible.

Father Smith (not his real name) was a older gentleman who is a retired U.S.Navy Chief who was recently appointed to the church that is near the Sacramento River. He has several writers in his congregation and they are very interested in studying this new way of looking at the Bible. I told them that I doubted if they were talking about me as I only had just wrote about it a few days ago and it had nothing to do with the Bible. I also explained that I am not a Christian and that Ted and I were only talking about having more detachment in our lives. It was a personal thing with me. He told me that only the blood of Jesus Christ can absolve sins and I was talking about absolving it myself. I don't think I got through to him that I did not believe in sins and that I did not believe there were a bunch of laws that people had to observe and if they broke them they would be guilty of a terrible wrong. I am of a different religion. He actually yelled at me and left with his wife in anger.

I still don't quite understand my dream and it is slowly coming through to me, but I do know that Ted is far more persuasive than I ever gave him credit for. I am sure this will blow over and still do not understand why this should concern anyone really. After all, Buddhism and Taoism has been around longer than Christianity and there are monasteries not far from here.

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