Sunday, March 20, 2011


'Over' is one of the writing prompts that "Writing Prompts" sends out everyday on Twitter. I guess you make what you want from it. I do like the word and it means to me that something is finally over. There are a lot of things and events I have wanted to be over in in my life. For example, today winter is finally over for 2011. This is the first day of spring.

I was married a few times and I am very glad those two marriages are over. I am not going to beat myself over the head on why I married those men. The first husband gave me two great sons. I can't fault him on that. The second husband, well, I learned that I could walk away from the same things that my mother couldn't and that was physical abuse.

I fell in love for the first time when I was a teenager and when it was over I thought I would never survive. Now, I can chuckle over that experience. I am glad those feelings are over. I lost my best friend in those same teenage years and that was really awful and although I still think of her I don't have those same dark feelings that I had right after her death. I am glad that is over and I can celebrate the good times we had.

Over is a kind word or so it seems. It means one is over something that was at the time really awful and unpleasant and later when you are over it, it means settling down with it as a memory. It is disappointing, embarrassing, painful and so on. It also means what was the greatest tragedy of one's life was only one more turn in a life of twists and turns. It could also seem to be a blessing in disguise as when I did not get my contract renewed in a small town in Kansas and moving to California which was the best thing that could have happened as a got a far better job and a better life.

I have grown children and grandchildren and 'over' for them is getting over breaking up with girlfriends as I have nothing but sons and grandsons. As a senior I don't have these affairs of the heart in quite the same way or at least I don't so far. Who know what is going to happen around the corner ? I have learned from starting this blog I don't know what is going to happen and what I am going to have to get over with.

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