Monday, March 28, 2011

Blue Skies

At last there were blue skies this morning. I had a medical appointment, but I decided to grab a sandwich and a Starbuck's coffee and head out to the lake and enjoy the sunny skies and the wonderful clear air. I was also having trouble with my hay fever and I never do up at the lake which is in the mountains.

It was wonderful eating my turkey sandwich and drinking my coffee while watching ducks and geese flying in and off the lake. Fish were jumping up ever so often or at least I hope they were fish but they looked so big. The lake is so full after all of the rain we had of late and all of the mountains are covered with snow. Normally, I would have turned on my phone to listen to some music but it was so beautiful there without it.

I feel asleep and discovered to my dismay that I left my lights on and called AAA who came out there and started my car. I discovered that I did not have any cables in my car and the people not far from me did not either. I need to get some. The young man made it a point of cleaning all of my connections which was very nice of him.

It was so quiet up there at the lake. There were few people up there as it was at the beginning of the week. There was one sail boat on the lake. I did some reading and wrote in my journal and went home. It sounds a bit dull I suppose but I had a grand time and felt so rested. I hated going back down into the valley where my hay fever kicked in.

I know a few people who think this sort of thing is so boring. They can't see what I see in being in the mountains and away from people. My grandson says reading is so dull. Sometimes life is so fast and there is so much going on that I can't hear my self think. I want to go somewhere that it is quiet enough for me to hear birds singing, the wind blowing through pine trees and smell the scent of that special breeze. I like seeing snow on mountain sides and tops and love feel the cool crisp air of a retreating winter and the incoming spring. I like to feel myself breathe easily. I like to watch the squirrels, deer and an occasional bear scurrying up a hillside or up a tree. I have even seen a cougar in that park. I have not been afraid.

About ten years or so ago, there was a public station that had some empty time in the middle of the night and had nothing to fill it up with so the engineer trained the camera on the large fish tank the station kept in the lobby. Their ratings shot up. They had to include it on their schedule. I feel the same when I sit in my car watching the lake and the trees and sky. I even can see eagles fly by and I enjoy it more than many of the shows on television.

It gets a bit odd when the sun sinks below the mountains up there that surrounds the lake so I headed home; but I felt so good after my day there.

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