Wednesday, March 16, 2011


As the situation unfolds in Japan, I am feeling a great deal of gratitude for the 50 workers who are going into the nuclear plant at great risk to themselves to try and manage the very dangerous situation there. Rachel Maddow said the situation at that plant is uncharted territory for the world. No one knows what is going to happen and what to do next. There is no doubt people are being exposed to high levels of radiation but no other group of people are exposed as much as those 50 people in the plant trying to manage the very dangerous situation that is happening there. They have had to leave at least once. Waves of radiations are being released in steam into the air.

I would assume they have families who are worried sick about them. They have training in the area of nuclear energy and are trying desperately to try and stay alive and to keep the rest of us alive as well. If I could thank them I would. I am hoping they will not pay for this bravery with their lives although it is possible they might. No other country is as well versed in what could go wrong in living with high levels of radiation as Japan.

Thank you.

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