Friday, March 4, 2011


The Veterans Administration has contacted me yesterday again regarding another message that I put in my Facebook account. I am still surprised that I can now get action from the VA in this manner. My son who works for the State of California said it made sense to him as I was writing a complaint that the whole world can see as the world saw what was happening in Egypt lately. Mental Health now wants to work with me or at least is making an attempt to do so.

The same person called me and said she had forgot that I came in and requested help in dealing with my financial situation. She did not apologize but did say she would bring up the matter at the next staff meeting this Wednesday. This time, I have no doubt she will do just that. A doctor who is also a friend had looked up the notes of this person and noted that she made no indication that I even came in that day over three weeks ago.

It is amazing that this happened or at least to my mind. When I worked with disabled veterans, I noted many times to myself that if a veteran was really disabled he or she could not manage this on their own. They had to have an advocate to hold the VA's feet to the fire, so to speak. I am asking for help so that I can be more independent and be more able to take care of my own financial affairs. When I was in worse shape and could not function as well, I was working at a day job that permitted me to pay for my own therapy and did. It cost thousands of dollars and had found someone who let me run up a bill that was very high; but I paid him off. That is not a possibility right now, and it is the VA that is threatening me to take away my rights to manage my financial affairs. My son who is doing this for me now and is in favor of the VA giving me the help I need and then turning it all over to me. I am lucky because my son is totally trustworthy. All of my funds are there in my checking and saving accounts. Nothing is missing. He sends me reports of what he does. That was never the problem. He gives me an allowance and any money I make from writing belongs to me although I save that. Many seniors have relatives who are taking advantage of them.

There is a movie out there that has won awards that tells the story of Facebook. It has been instrumental in helping people fighting for their rights in the Middle East. It certainly has been helpful to me as well. It brings attention to the plights of individuals when they are facing bureaucracies and despots. Facebook brings light or as one friend termed it, the sunshine of justice to people who would never have it otherwise. Thank you, Facebook.

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