Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Good Day

I had a good day in which I discovered that the vitamin that I have been buying was of a higher dose than the last bottle and I have been taking too much of it. No wonder I have been sick. I thought it was my hay fever medications. I took some hay fever meds today and felt decent as I have not been taking any.

I had lunch with a friend and it poured outside as we talked about different things. It is always nice to visit with friends although I am getting a bit tired of the rain. I think I have fungus growing on my body with all of the rain we have been getting of late.

Today is Senior Day at a discount grocery store and I bought some orange juice that was already cheap and paid even less than that including some yogurt. I bought some decaffeinated coffee although I was not out but getting low. It is rare for the store to carry good decaffeinated coffee. I drink only one caffeinated cup of coffee a day and the rest of the time I drink decaffeinated coffee. I no longer drink carbonated drinks at all. They are not healthy for me whether they are diet or non-diet drinks.

I have switched to condensed canned evaporated milk. Someone asked me if I did that as a precaution against radiation which it is, but I do it because canned milk does not spoil and at 79 cents a can it is cheaper. When I have milk in a carton, it is a race to drink it before it gets spoiled and have to go out and get some more. I also never know how much hot chocolate the grandchildren will drink. I always use milk to cool it down and then put whipped cream on top. I already have sprinkles.

I am old enough as well as the lady friend that I had lunch with to remember Elizabeth Taylor and so we talked about her. The lady's husband called Taylor a "slut" and so did my father. It was from the scandals that happened years ago when she married Eddie Fisher and then later Richard Burton. Taylor always said she married the men she had affairs with. I think many men are afraid of women who sleep with men they want to. Men who have affairs is no big deal but women back in those days were not supposed to have those desires.

I talked about the movie," Butterfield 8". The character played by Laurence Harvey breaks up with the character played with Elizabeth Taylor when he finds out that she had prior relationships. I just did not understand that movie. I am sure he had prior relationships with women. What was the big deal? Maybe I was too young. She did a lot of good for different groups such as those with HIV.

Rain is supposed to continue. I am going to a League of Women's function tomorrow evening. The Tea Party is supposed to make an appearance, but I think the movement seems to be running out of steam. I am thinking of attending one of their functions since I have never been to them. I am so glad I went to the lake yesterday because it is far too rainy to go now.

I will try and go to the gym during the early hours tomorrow, but the rain has been putting me off although to be honest anything puts me off. I hate exercising on equipment. I would rather just go for a walk and would if it did not rain or if there weren't so many dogs running loose.

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