Sunday, March 6, 2011


I had a wonderful dream last night. I knew I was dreaming and tried to remember it as it contained a philosophy that I wanted to adopt for my life. I wrote it in my journal after I went to a lecture I was supposed to go to today. I thought it was the most amazing thing I ever heard in a dream, but as everyone knows what is in a dream may not translate very well into the reality of everyday life.

I was in a room, not unlike the apartment I had in Korea. I was sitting on the couch that made into a bed that I had. I was able to draw upon a series of travel posters that would appear and fix themselves on the wall that were scenes from my entire life. They were from different phases or times such as the time I went to the University of Kansas for my undergraduate degree, working for different jobs, dreams of the ocean, going through different likes and crazes for books, fads and people and there were no real set of guidelines except they were things I went through, chapters as it were as I sailed through my years up to now. None of them appeared as bad chapters but as times I went through and neither good nor bad but simply what happened. They felt good to me as I enjoyed all of them as an expression of my life.

I did not feel any negative feelings and the feelings of regret as times sped by were gone. I did not want to grab onto the good times and throw away the bad times. I just saw each chapter as what it was, a chapter of my life with more chapters to come filling my life with wonderful adventures. In the dream I looked forward to so much to come and to filling my life with so many exciting chapters and I felt so lucky to have them. When I did that I could see the reality of the life that was in front of me and the magic that was everywhere. I could see that I had no idea what was coming around the corner and what would comprise the next chapters.

What a wonderful dream. What a great philosophy. I don't know where it came from, but I want it for my own. I hope I can keep it. I hope the image stays with me.

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