Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The New Philosophy

I am still looking to change how I look at life based on the dream I had a few days ago and so far it is working although I keep falling back into the old way of looking at things. Ted called and said he was surprised at our last talk and how much it had an effect on him. He wanted me to tell him again about my dream and he forgot I wrote about it on my blog and went to re-read it.

He was not in Redding so we talked on the phone. He said that he wanted to call it the Book Philosophy since it was based on looking at life as if it was a long wonderful book and that each part of our life was a chapter and not some huge defining part as in a novel but a biography or a memoir. Well, I told him that my inner monkey mind kept telling me that it wasn't based on reality. We both agreed that neither one of us knew what reality was. There is a tendency to make one part more important than the others and our lives are really just one long stream of events, experiences, memories that parade in front of our lives, of people weaving in and out, of things that we think are real one moment and unreal the next and so concentrating on one particular chapter really doesn't make much sense.

I like it for now and don't spend so much time hitting myself over the head. Ted said he was going to run with it for now and ask if others that he knew might try it. I said it wasn't mine since it came in a dream. I was writing in a journal and I asked my inner Spiritual Center that the agony and sorrow that I felt from time to time when the calendar days kept going past had to be the way I had to live. I did not want to live trying to hold on to those days anymore and I wished I had a better way of living. Then I had the dream. I think each of us has a link with the Cosmos and it is responsive to our needs and wishes.

Well, I am continuing to evolve and change. Life is better since having that dream. I am glad one other person found some good out of it as well.

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