Saturday, June 11, 2011

Art Classes

I signed up for some art classes and one exercise session and all start this coming week. I went to an art store and bought the supplies and almost fainted at the expense. I am so glad I signed up for the classes at the senior center which shares the same teachers as the other places but the prices for the classes are far less expensive.

I am taking drawing, watercolor and pastel classes and a special exercise class for those with arthritis. I have never taken art classes before and need to know how to do the basics of art. When I lived in Redding, there were no classes available for seniors and the community college was too full for seniors to take classes. The state of California was talking about limiting the classes even further.

On the way home, I saw some women who were having a car wash and stopped to get my car washed. It really needed it. They were from a women center. I donated some money and talked with them. It was in a section of Portland that I have never been in before. I could identify with the women who were all there because of abusive relationships and were trying to make a new start in their lives. I was in Portland for the same reason; but I had more resources than they had and was glad I could help them out. I know I had help in getting where I was now, so it was good that I could help others.

I also went to the Grocery Outlet to buy some frozen vegetables because I have not been eating healthy for a while When I was in Redding, I did not have access to a kitchen, but I do now. I bought some frozen vegetables. I am going to start buying fruit at a farmer's market soon. I had a medical appointment this last Friday and the doctor asked if I was eating healthy, and I had to admit that I was not. I am determined to change in this regard. Many people eat out in restaurants. At least, this is something I rarely do.

I am looking forward to the art classes and the other things I have planned this month. I was leaving one of the Powell's bookstores the other day and I saw a sign that warned people to be careful of birds who might swoop down and protect their nests which was above. Only in Portland would you see such a sign. Things are coming together here in Portland.

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