Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Staying In

Last night as I went to bed, my whole body hurt, from head to toe. I took several pain relievers (over the counter luckily) and went to bed. I don't have anything to do, so I decided to stay in and read and write. It is sunny outside and I might sit on the patio and drink some iced tea or soup. The Oregonian newspaper said that this spring, is the wettest one that they ever had or close to it. Seeing sun and having it nice and fairly warm is special.

I love to work in the morning. I make myself some coffee with some cream and some toast and it is heavenly. The only window that I have to close in my apartment is my bedroom. The other windows do not catch the sun directly. I sit in bed and listen to Baroque music and have a great time. Then I start to work on my writing although I do have to do some reading.

I need to finish a book by this weekend about a woman who spent some time in the U.S. Navy. She has two issues she brings out in her book. She found the navy very negative towards women in the service and what it was like to serve secretly as a gay American. It is a novel but my impression is that it is based on her experience. It is hard reading as I was in the U.S. Army and although I was not gay I found similarities in the way the army treated the women in the military especially since both of us shared the same years of service although her years of service was far longer and she was an officer.

There is something to be said staying in on certain days. I usually have a class on Wednesday, but it was canceled so I might just go to Value Village to see if there is anything there that I need for the apartment or to Grocery Outlet for my trip to Salem. I need to prepare a potluck dish. I want to fix a vegetarian dish as some of the people in the book club are vegetarians and I want to make sure it is gluten free in case there are no other dishes that I can eat. I now have some cookbooks to go through and of course there is the Internet. Thursday is another drawing class.

Because it is sunny, I want to do a wash and hang it up on the patio. My sheets that I put out there last night are almost dry. I will be doing another wash as soon as they are ready to come in.

Living alone is such a treat since I can do anything I want which is what I am doing today. I am listening to the music I want to hear and eating what I want to eat and when I want to eat. Life is great now. Some people would say that I am being selfish as a woman, but I don't care.

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