Saturday, June 4, 2011

Beautiful Day

It is a beautiful day here in Portland, Oregon. The sky is blue and the sun is shinning. Today, I understood it was going to be warm-maybe 80 degrees F. I hurridly did a washing and put it on the wooden rack I bought from Goodwill. The wash seem to be drying. There are laundry rooms here at the apartment complex but with only one washer and dryer. It involves carrying the load of laundry up a flight of stairs. No thanks. I wash my clothes here in my apartment and and hang them out to dry as I did in Korea.

I can hear the kids playing in the pool not far from my apartment. It is heated and it opened yesterday. I am not a swimming pool person, so I am not tempted to use it myself. The opening of the pool was delayed because the pump had problems and the parts were late in arriving here to be installed. I love to swim but not in pools which always seems such a sterile place to have fun in. I remember the name the Beverley Hillbillies called pools, the cement pond. It fit. I love to swim in the ocean, rivers and lakes; but the cement pond? No thank you. I remember my aunt taking me there which was nice, but I swam only because I did not want to hurt her feelings. When she was in Harbin, China (although it was Russia then), it was for Europeans only. It was a privilaged place for white people only. I just don't like swimming in artificial places and not exploring the surrounding river, lake or seashore.

I have been working in my room as my office is not complete although I have my fingers crossed that I will be able to get a table next week. I also need a file cabinet. I have one for my personal papers, but I don't for my writing. Working in bed is not bad. I have my laptop on a small bed table I found at Goodwill. I am surrounded by books and there is a tray with my tea things. I am listening to some music that I am playing on my computer/Internet from my office. I listen to the Internet radio more than anything else.

The only window that had direct sunlight is my bedroom and only in the morning. I have not opened the blinds yet as it is barely afternoon. I just ate lunch and watched some repeats from a television show called The Medium. I have no idea whether or not it is still in production but it is interesting as I watch it from Netflix. I think I like the characters of the Medium's children. I don't know who found the actors who play the children, but they did a great job especially the one that plays Aril.

I have been reading about the bad effects of cell phones and I am concerned about it. I don't stay on the phone that much. I don't have a regular phone anymore. I just have a cell phone. I was not happy with a land line I had a few years ago and swore I would never use AT&T again. The phone keep going out and everytime AT&T came out after I waited a few weeks, it would cost me a hundred dollars here and there and then the phone would go out again after it would rain. I gave up and just had a cell phone. Most of people I know did the same with the result our phone bill went down. If it is true that cell phones cause cancer, I don't know what those of us who use them, and there is a bunch of us in the world, are going to do.

Speaking of noise and sound, I have lived close to the road for a very long time even in Korea that it is odd not to anymore. There might be a small driveway that is not used very much close by but the main road is not near. I don't hear cars anymore or even trains. I hear planes ever so often. It is very quiet here except for the kids who are swimming and they are not loud at all. Sometimes I hear the sound of someone using a diving board. I can live with those sounds, but not the sounds of loud music with deep bass which is what I used to hear when my windows were open in Redding.

I am writing, reading and listening to music. To some, this might be boring. To me, it is the most wonderful time of my life. I feel as if I have landed in Paradise.

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