Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The long awaited sunshine and heat have not materialized as yet. I have wash hanging out on the patio and they are slowly drying and I mean slowly. I would not have done a wash today, but I need to do another wash soon. I don't use the small laundry mats in the apartment complexes where I live. I would just like to put the wash in and then get back later, but if you are late or worse someone is even more impatient one's wash ends up on a table even before the machine stops. I wash by hand and then I hang them up on a rack I bought at Goodwill. Even the towels don't take that long as my patio has a cover. The only problem I have is the man upstairs smokes and dumps his cigarettes over his railing, and they often end up on my patio. How rude!

Someone told me that it rains often in Portland and I must admit it does. It still is worth moving here though. There is so much to do including my homework for my art classes tomorrow. I need to draw a bowel of eggs and I am glad I have a bowl and some eggs to put in it. I also need to paint a landscape of my choosing although it can't be one that someone else has painted. I will select one from the Google images and paint it today. I am looking at the clock; and I have plenty of time which is a danger as when you think you have plenty, you end up with none.

I was going to get dressed a few hours ago, but I have not done so. I will still need to as I am going to the store. I am going to buy some bread and get some change for Loaves and Fishes tomorrow. That is the location of the art classes and I need to have change for lunch which cost three dollars. The volunteer is not happy with the fact that I am unable to eat gluten and so I want the three dollars exactly. She does not think I have the right to insist on a gluten free lunch. I got one last time but chose an extra dish from one side of the lunch entrees and skipping the other. The main course was a pasta dish and some other gluten meal. I just selected extras from the side dishes. It was no big deal. I guess she expected me to eat gluten which of course I would never do.

The parking is eight dollars a day which hurts me but I can absorb it; and I can use my debit card. Everyone who eats there is on foot or takes the bus. I have too much to carry to do that. It is for seniors which is ironic. The law is on my side. I don't want to go that far. The others there are very nice about it.

In Redding, I could not find a book club to join. In Portland, the area is full of them. I did join two and I am reading as fast as I can to finish the two books I started before the meetings. One is next week and I am only half way through it. I don't particularly like it. The other one is a murder mystery and I love it.

I will end this as I need to go to the store to get some bread and maybe some butter depending on what the cost is. Luckily, although the day is overcast it does not seem to be raining.

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