Thursday, June 9, 2011

Second-Hand Stores

When I moved to Portland, Oregon from Redding, California I had to move in a hurry in one truck. There was so much I could not take. I have been slowly replacing the things I left behind. The resource that I could not have done without is the second-hand stores especially Goodwill and Value Village.

Yesterday was senior discount day as it is every Wednesday for Goodwill and Value Village. I was going to buy a table at Stables Office Supplies because they have free delivery if you order from their warehouse $70.00 or more. I was going to order a long table that would have been around $80.00. I needed a legal size file cabinet but could not afford both. Then yesterday I found both at the above second-hand stores for $19.00 and $11.00. I bought a hand truck for $24.00 which was on sale at Bi-Mart and with rope got everything home in my Honda. I was so lucky I was not stopped by the police. I was astonished.

Today, I went to Goodwill who has things 50 percent off for certain colors of their tags and got a set of linen off along with a lamp that I needed in my bedroom. I could not find a decent lamp shade but the lamp is great and matches my room for $4.00 and it works great. I found two wonderful pictures for my office 50 percent off for $5.00 for both. These are not cheap pictures, but expensive prints. I bought some dishes of ones I have always wanted but could never afford for well under ten dollars. I also got some cook books that I needed. I bought a lot of other things. Some such as the linen were brand new. I bought something that will hold my art supplies which was not on sale but it was $6.99. I have art classes next week. I spent a total of $52.00. I also have the satisfaction that my purchases go for the employment of lots of people in the Portland area. I even bought a clock for the kitchen.

I don't know what I would have done without the second-hand stores here in the Portland area and the additional discounts of being a senior citizen. I am slowly getting my apartment in great shape. My office is now ready for me to work in. I got here in the first part of May and I have been working in my bed in the morning. Now, I can work in my office. In my room, I now have two lamps so I can clearly see what I am doing now.

The only store I was disappointed in was the Salvation Army Store. Their prices were way too expensive. Goodwill seems to be the best while Value Village is a close second. Their prices are not low, but they have very nice quality items and have frequent sales. As I said above, both stores have senior citizen discounts with 10 percent for Goodwill on Wednesday and 25 percent for Value Village. Everyday, there is a color tag that is 50 percent off. Many of the items I bought today were 50 percent off.

In Redding, there were no Goodwill or Value Village stores. When I was a kid growing up in Chula Vista, the big store was Value Village, but the only money I ever had was what I could make babysitting and it wasn't very much. It was rare that I could afford anything in a second-hand store especially Value Village. Things are much better. Other people who shop there are much like myself. All of us are trying to make ends meet. Gas is cheaper in Oregon than it is in California, but it is still expensive. I don't make much in writing and I am playing catch up these days.

I am listening to a flock of crows outside my window right now. I am enjoying their cawing and see them flying among the leaves and the blue skies behind the trees. It is worth the extra effort it is taking to get my home in shape for I love it here.

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