Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Perfect Breakfast

Since coming to Portland, Oregon, I have discovered that stores sell gluten free products. Even the nearest store to me (And if I wanted, I can walk there.) sells a variety of gluten free products. It would have to take someone who has Celiac disease to understand the rarity this. When I discovered years ago that I had an intolerence to gluten, it was exceptionally hard to find anything. In Redding, it was possible to find gluten free products, but the amount and variety was not great.

My favorite breakfast is coffee and toast. Unfortunately, I have not been able to eat that for a long time so I have given up eating breakfast. Sometimes, I drink juice if it is on sale but anything else is too much in the morning. Lunch for me, on the other hand, is great for egg dishes such as omelets or scrambled eggs. I just can't deal with anything past toast in the morning. Now, this favorite breakfast is back. I also don't like anything on my toast but butter. So, this morning I had English muffins and some melted butter and coffee with half and half. I can't imagine a better breakfast. I should be good until 2pm or so although I will probably drink coffee until then.

In Redding, I shopped regularly at Grocery Outlet. The one I found here was alright but not as good as the one in Redding. Still, I was able to find some gluten free items on sale. Again, years ago that would never have happened. I bought some gluten free pasta and will probably have some spaggetti for dinner. Later this week, I am going to try another Grocery Outlet that is closer that someone told me about and also mentioned that it is better. I have my fingers crossed.

I used to eat salad but don't anymore. It's all that salad dressing that is poured all over it. My teeth is now very sensitive so that eating raw vegetables is hard. I noticed that difficulty a few years ago and drink V-8 juice from time to time. I used to love cucumbers and tomatoes. Not anymore. I might buy a watermelon which goes well with meals. Watermelon is not a vegetable, however.

There is no doubt that I need to eat more vegetables and fruit than I do now. When I lived in Redding I did not have the room to store it or even cook it. In Korea, I could not afford it. Now, things have changed. I can afford it and have the room to store it. I bought two cook books that have information and recipes that are gluten free. I need to read the books and plan on how I am going to improve my diet. The cooking classes that I was going to take at the Senior Center are full and have a very long waiting list. Maybe, I will see if there are some gluten free cooking classes in Portland that I can take.

Things continue to improve since I have moved here. I have been here only one month. Only this morning I discovered after sleeping with the window open and the blinds up that there are lots of birds singing when the sun comes up. I had no idea. It is quiet enough here that one can hear them. What a wonderful place it is here.

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