Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MOVE Program

I started the MOVE Program today at the Veterans Administration. They have an approach that won't work as it is a one size fits all. All participators are of different sexes, races, ages and so on. I decided to go with it as it has a structure that might prove beneficial for me at this time. I asked for an appointment with a dietitian who I hope will understand what celiac disease is. I have found that few do and the ones I met have little inclination to learn. Many of them treat it as a fad. It isn't so I will take the point of view of taking what is useful and leaving what isn't in this program. The follow-up is done by phone. That is the main reason I am staying with the program.

I have a real need to eat a more healthier diet. I don't. I am now at a stage where I need vitamin B shots. I have a very low level in my body. The doctor that I was seeing required that I take folic acid which I do but only ever so often. I can't take regular vitamins except calcium without my body having a reaction. I am really hoping I can get some real tips on how to eat what I can eat without my intestinal track going on overload.

I am far more active than I used to be which presents problems with pain with my arthritis. Still, it is a different matter than having pain because there is damage in my joints. I don't have that. I can take pain reliever that I buy over the counter. I will be starting an exercise class that specializes in arthritic exercises. That is starting in a few weeks. I would like to have some exercises that I can do in the morning when I wake up. I will see what I can do. I can ask my medical provider for an appointment with a physical therapist for some exercises that won't create problems with the injury that I had with my last major surgery.

Losing weight is far more complicated than it appears on the surface. It is far more than just a change in life's habits. I have already been interviewed for some help in the VA's mental health department. I will need that in order to lose weight and to keep it off as well. It is scary for me to change my body image. There are a lot of issues having to do with my weight. Although celiac disease is responsible for my overweight to some degree, it is not the only reason. I have used overweight to give me protection for some fears and issues in my life. I will need some help in resolving that as well. Of course, I will be doing my own work in that area.

I am hopeful that MOVE can help me with some structure in losing the excess weight that I am presently carrying. Not all of the program will be useful and I will just ignore the parts that are not. It is basically a program that was created for men. Men can lose weight much easier than women can. Most men have helpmates who are helping them with the program while women generally have to do it alone. That is why MOVE can help me there, but it can help me without become obtrusive such as the programs such as Weight Watchers and other such programs can be.

I think I can do it. I have dusted off my old food journal and will be doing it starting tomorrow morning. I had sworn I would never do it again, but I will. I will also record as much the MOVE program wants me to record. I will even go back to record the calorie intake which I have not done in years. They gave a sheet in a folder they want the record to be modeled on. Again, I am optimistic I can do it. In Korea, I lost 50 lbs and gained only after I came back to the USA specifically Redding. I have lost weight since coming to Portland. It showed in how much I weighed today.

The trick is not to give power to the food as I once did. I will continue to write in my journal and to keep active. Thank goodness I have other things that I am interested in. I don't want to sit around and just eat. That is no good. Depression does not seem to be a major factor since coming here either and that is a help. I often ate to make myself feel better. I don't need to because I already feel better as I am in a better place now.

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