Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Move" questionnaire

I go to the Veterans Administration Medical Center and went to my first appointment the other day. Because I am overweight, the nurse practioner(NP) referred me to the "Move" Program. I told the NP that I had tried it in Redding and found it useless as it had a one way fits all approach. I have celiac disease which puts me outside the regular lose weight programs. Also, I have to go to a meeting in which I am usually the only woman in a large room of men. Men and women have different issues in losing weight. In Portland, the NP explained that the "Move" program is individualized and it can be done by phone.

I had to take a 23 questionnaire online and then leave my name and last four numbers of my Social Security number and the Move program facilitators will call me back and set up a way for me to start the program. They will also send me the needed information. I am hopeful that I will be able to do this. As for exercise, In I could not walk from my house in Redding because of the loose dogs in the neighborhood. That is not a problem here in Portland and there are trails to walk across the street and sidewalks everywhere. I will not have to walk on the streets which always scared me. I am willing to give this program a try.

The VA Hospital here in Portland has a Women's Center so I am hopeful that I will be able to get other needs addressed here as well without traveling long distances as I did in Redding. I used to travel to Sacramento and San Francisco. It really wears a car down when you have to travel long distance.

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