Monday, September 7, 2009

The first day: September 7, 2009

I have decided that I will be on a project of exercise and diet that will enable me to do something this upcoming summer of 2010. I am also going to save my money for this project as well. I have no idea what it will be. It could be a senior walking tour, a Kayaking trip or something else. (I am having so much problems with learning how to use this blog)

I will be listing everything I am doing. The total amount of weight that I will lose is unknown. I know that I am about 120 pounds overweight and do not expect to lose that by the summer of 2010. I will record the weight that is in the doctor's office and no where else.

As for diet, I will not follow any particular diet except that since I have Celiac Disease, I will be on a low carb diet by necessity. I have always wanted a cook, so I have recently bought some low calorie dinner from different places that are gluten free. Mostly, they are from Trader Joes. I usually do not eat breakfast except occasionally a fruit drink made with real fruit and I try not to eat sugar except artificial sugar such as found in diet drinks. Now, I know people say that one should eat breakfast and all that rot, but there are no studies that show it makes any difference on anyone's metabolic rate. I don't like food in the morning so I will not waste my time eating food. I will record everything I eat.

My basic exercise will be walking. Since I am close to 65 years of age, this makes sense. I also have other issues that I will not get into this posting.
I will put down my exercise by the time I spend walking.

I have many issues such as PTSD, DID and all other related issues. That is why I am using Zebrareader. I have medical coverage but cannot get help in this area. There are too many people who are in life-threatening situations. I am not.

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