Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September 9, 2009 Wednesday -'So Far'

It has been a few days since I started this blog and I am surprised to how good I feel about it. I feel so energized that I ordered a cookbook at Barnes and Noble that is a vegetarian book based on the Farmer's Market and seasonal fresh produce. I am also excited enough to start working on my yard and the house. I get a bit depressed at times and close down. When I do, I stop working on the yard and house although not totally. The wash gets done and so does the dishes. I hate to vacuum as the it breaks down all of the time. I do change the linen regularly.

I am not a vegetarian at present although I have been in the past. I went on the Atkins low carbohydrates diet and started to eat meat. I was diagnosed as a diabetic and had high blood pressure. I have been able to keep the pressure at normal ranges and so have the blood sugar levels. I am going to get weighed this Friday and will register the weight here. I can use the scale there anytime I want. The clinic is a short distance from here. I have not made up my mind how often I should weigh myself. I am afraid I will get depressed by weighing myself and seeing that I have not lost any weight. I am also afraid to see that I have lost some. I am expecting not to have lost any this time because I only started.

The short term goals of this food plan is not to eat sugar at all and I have pretty well made that. I also want to be able not to eat past 6pm except for drinks. I am hoping to do this by the end of this week.

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