Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 23, 2009 Wednesday 'Doctor's visit'

I went to see my doctor as I had seen my women's doctor and she asked me if I was monitoring my blood sugar. I haven't for a year or two. The clinic had given me a sugar measuring device and then I got a letter that said it was not really functioning all that well and to ignore the results. So I threw it all away. I get my blood measured about twice a year and it has been normal. Still, I am considered a diabetic since failing one sugar blood test. So I asked for a new device and I have to be trained again. I agreed.

My blood pressure was normal and it has been a while. I also lost a few pounds although the doctor made fun that it was only a few pounds. That is a lot for me. Still, we get a long fairly well and the fact that I have normal blood pressure was more important to him as well as I not being in pain. For a long time, I was in so much joint and muscle pain. I am not in pain at all.

I will take my blood fast test on Friday when I weigh myself on the same scale.

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