Monday, September 14, 2009

September 14, 2009 'Scale'

This morning, I saw the scale sitting in the bathroom and got on it. I had not eaten as yet and was hoping that I would see that I had lost some weight. I have not been eating low amounts of food nor overeating so there was really not reason to see any loss of weight. There wasn't. I was disappointed.

I have not been eating a low carbohydrate diet. I am getting used to eating just three meals a day and no snacks. I do get hungry and that is why I have been eating in the morning. I should be eating protein in the morning, but toast is my favorite meal in the morning. I love toast, butter and coffee with cream. If I could afford the extra calories I would have orange juice with that as well. That would make the perfect breakfast. Maybe tomorrow, I might try for a low carbohydrate diet. I have the food for it and do not have to go shopping for anything. I have plenty of frozen vegetables.

I have always thought of the scale as a tyrant. When I worked at a regular 40 hour, 5days a week job I would weigh myself and the weight on the scale would tell me if I am going to have a good day or a terrible day. I have decided not to use that scale anyhow. I am going to use the doctor's scale this Friday but it will be a different one than the one I used a few days ago and it will be with my shoes on. I expect to weigh more. The scale that I am going to use has the reputation of showing a higher weight than the one I used last time.

Even though the scale is a tyrant, I still need to know what it says. So, on Friday before I have my coffee and breakfast I will go to the clinic and weigh myself. I won't even have to talk to anyone as I don't have an appointment although I do have one next week.

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