Sunday, January 23, 2011

Being unhappy

I am an optimistic person by nature, but I am unhappy these days. I did not expect to be living the way I am living when I got here to California. The only thing that is keeping me going is that I am working on trying to make it more what I want it to be.

On the practical side, the cell phone that I got from my son here to replace the other one is working out much better than expected. I can play music on it which the other one you could not do. I am listening to it as I am writing this blog. The disadvantage is that it needs to be recharged much more often which is still not a problem since I am home more often then I would like. I can recharge it.

I finally got the exercise DVD and it is exactly what I wanted. My new computer in my room plays it very well and I can exercise in my room without any problems. Next week I have an appointment at a gym within walking distance from the house and open 24 hours a day. I really need to exercise regularly in order to continue to lose the weight and build up muscle tone and stamina. I will start Yoga soon here in my room and will use one of the many programs on the Internet.

Everyday, I write. I have another blog in which I am trying a new form of short fiction. Once it shapes up to where I want it to be, I will shut it down because I have no real copyright protection on the Internet. I am also doing my writing meditation in my journal everyday.

As I said, I am an optimist, but I also am someone who doesn't give up. I told my son in jest that by restricting me I might as well put my head in the oven. He laughed at me and said that my oven was electric and I might as well accept my situation and live within my limits. I have no intention of doing that. I have never done that. If I did, he would never have been born.

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