Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cell Phone Wars

When I returned to the USA, my son got me a cell phone without any input from me. I wasn't happy with the phone, but I took the phone and went with it. I could never work the darn thing very well and then it quit. I had it less than a month and had paid for one month's unlimited use. So much for that. There were no stores up here in Redding to take the phone to anyhow. My other son will be giving me a new phone although I don't have my new number as yet. I will be getting a better phone.

I did not complain because I don't know how long I will be here until it is time to go somewhere else. I don't want to enter into a contract with any cell phone company. I am working to finish the editing of the book that I wrote in Korea. I also want to complete some other projects while here in Redding. I have other things that I want to do. At the end of those things, I will have no idea what I will want to do at that time. Who knows?

I am beginning to feel like a monk in my room. My room is about the same size as my apartment in Korea except I have more conveniences. I have a car and access to my retirement checks to some extent. I also can use the library here in Redding which I did for the first time today. They are really understaffed and this is before the governor has cut down their money.

The cell phone is an example how things are different here as my phone will be costing me 50 dollars a month while the one that I had in Korea cost about 10 dollars a month. The phone I had in Korea was a lot better than the one I am giving up here. However, I am getting one that is better soon. My son here in Redding has a Internet phone and a cell phone. I just want a cell phone and no longer have a land line. I am glad I am getting rid of that phone which just did not work at all.

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