Thursday, January 27, 2011


To save money, I have been going to the library. I reserve the books I want on hold and then I wait until the library sends me an email that they are ready to be picked up. The only problem I have is that I have to read them quickly as they have due dates. The advantage is that they don't cost me money, and they don't take room.

I went into the library book store and picked up one book out of many to choose from. It was two dollars and I checked out my books and went to the health foods store and looked into buying some vitimin K which is recommended by those who are specialists in Celiac Disease.

I had a very pleasant talk with the librarian and with the volunteer that works in the second hand book store about books. Here in Redding, we don't really have a book club. When one is organized it is usually full when they have meetings. The newspaper had one for a while, but many of the people who went to it did not read the books and just wanted to hear the guests the newspaper invited to the meetings. It is no longer being held. The library has one, but I found it difficult as the head of the club choose books that she read many years ago and they were out of print. Someone told me that the club may have changed in that regard.

I put the new book," The Autobiography of Mark Twain", on reserve hold and it is unknown when I will be able to get that. I understand it is quite thick and I will have to read that book in a hurry.

Again, I tried to get my son to buy me a shower head as the old shower head is wearing out and it might cut my hand. He said no. I also asked him to return control to me of my bank accounts and my house. Again, it was no. Too bad I can't check a shower head out of the library.

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