Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Unhappiness of relatives

A relative asked me to sit down today and demanded that I not write about him anymore. I said I did not use his name on these blogs. He said it did not matter. It was to stop immediately. Well, I said I have a degree in journalism and taught it for years. I know that what I do on this blog and others is not libel and I will not be censored. He called another relative who told him the same thing.

I know other writers who write biographies and memoirs and the relatives don't like it when they are included. I have not done that but only include them on blogs. Well known writers, and more read than I am, still continue to write what they want. At least I don't have a reality show.

It would be different if I were writing stories I swear was true and saying things about one son who ran off with a chipmunk while married to a squirrel. Then you would know I was off my rocker. I believe there is a book about chipmunks and squirrels but it is a humorous book. I have issues, my relatives have issues. Heck, we all have issues.

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