Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chocolate Cake

I went around the corner to the local supermarket to buy a six pack of diet cola for my small fridge and saw that the supermarket is now stocking some gluten-free merchandise. I have celiac disease and cannot eat gluten at all. As I looked into the freezer, I noted the usual array of gluten-free bread that I am not buying because I don't have a toaster since giving mine away to my son. He has been using it to toast regular bread and is not not usable for gluten-free bread as it would pick up the residue of gluten. I saw small packages of cake that were gluten-free. I could not resist and bought one. It was almost seven dollars and very small.

In Korea, I ate cheese cake ever so often because it was light and crust free in Korea. Chocolate cake is not light. It has been so many years that I had forgotten how heavy it can be. I have not eaten chocolate cake for over 30 years. Although I ate it last night, I can still feel the heavy saturated sinking calories when I ate it. It was too rich and way too filling. Normally, I don't eat breakfast as I have no interest in eating so early in the morning. This morning, I can't even think about food because of that piece of cake. Not only was it expensive, but it way too filling.

Sometimes, guilt comes in small packages and it came in a small package labeled cake. Ever so often, I get a thing for chocolate. I usually just have a cup of hot chocolate when I do. I have a can of it here in my room. I also keep it here for the kids especially for the youngest grandson who loves hot chocolate with whipped cream AND sprinkles. I ran out of whipped cream since the hot chocolate must be at least half full of whipped cream. He complained that I did not have sprinkles. I could not find any so far. I didn't think one could even taste them. I even put them in my hot chocolate for they looked attractive.

I am feeling guilty for the chocolate cake and it was the first one in 30 years. I did see some cheese cake but buying something that I would have to cut of a portion and then discard seemed such a waste. Now, I wish I had done that instead. When I was losing weight in Korea, it was with the occasional piece of cheese cake. I am not going to weigh myself for a few days after the cake. At least I tasted it.

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