Sunday, January 30, 2011


Everyday, I like to put some theme on my Firefox browser and match it on my Google Page and then my Wallpaper for both computers. It doesn't always work, but most of the time it does. On my electronic journal, I sometimes continue to use the same theme. I never know what the theme will be from day to day. Today it is lavenders as it just seem to suit me.

Not far from my house here in Redding, there is a street up in the mountains near Shingletown named Inwood Road. It is a lazy almost meandering type of road that is maintained by the Power and Light Company for its utility services. There are some nice homes on it and some farms with cows, cattle and even one with llamas. One farm has lavender fields with well maintained farm houses and fences. When I have some extra gas in the car and the weather is good, I often drive the road and enjoy the scenery as it not only travels through farm country but hills and mountains with impressive views ending up on another road that leads down from Whitmore. The lavender reminds me of that farm.

This part of the world is very beautiful. It is not particularly populated although Redding is not small as it has around 85, 000 people. It is small enough that the surrounding countryside is not filled with track homes or other towns of that size. There are few factories although there are a few that push their poisons into the air. On some lists, Redding often makes the most polluted list which is unfortunate. However, one can see the Milky Way at night. There are lots of mountains and streams and only one major highway.

My favorite place is Whiskeytown Park, which is a US Park and is not huge but very beautiful. There are other parks such as Shasta Lake and Dam. There are some nice California State Parks. It is unknown what will happen to them under the new governor.

Lavender is just one of the nice things that are grown around here to make money for farmers. There used to be strawberries, but I don't see them anymore. There are some fish hatcheries. Some wineries exist along with the growing of grapes. Closer to Chico are orchards of almonds but there are little in the growing of orchards. I have seen some Christmas tree farms. I almost wish there were more lavender growing. It always looks so nice growing in their straight rows.

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