Sunday, January 2, 2011

Religious beliefs

I was at a Starbucks coffee shop yesterday and some people got into a heated augment about religion. As anyone here who reads my blogs, I tend to be in the Buddhist camp. The augment that erupted in the coffee shop was basically in the Christian camp. I knew several of the people in the group who drew me into the discussion saying that I survived cancer more than several times due to God and to the saving grace of Jesus. It is true that I survived cancer and I considered it a miracle as life is full of them, but I never felt one religion was more right than another.

The group was talking about who created the universe and again this is not something that I have thought about. When I look at nature, I see nature and not anything that was created by humankind or to be specified nothing created by mankind. Reality such as this planet and the sun and the stars exist. Whether some deity created them just does not seem to be very important or even desirable to discuss. My mind is not big enough to grasp the concept of what is out there in the Spiritual Realm. I will never understand it, and I know that. I have long accepted that.

In my life, I have seen miracles everyday. I woke up to one. I am alive and that is a miracle. One day, I won't. I love the saying someone somewhere coined, "waking up dead" because it is impossible. If you woke up dead, you are no longer in this life so can't wake up at all. You have made the transition, but I think I had died before many times so can do it again. I would rather not though. I like this particular life.

Many relatives who have made the transition before me were all ready to go. I am hoping that when it is my time to go that I will be similarly inclined. At this moment, I am not.

I don't think one religious belief is more right than another. I think after death, none of them are right. That is why I don't stress one set of beliefs are right and others are wrong. Mine is right for me and yours is right for you. We all change as time goes on. Sitting there in Starbucks and all I could think of is gathering my stuff together and driving out to the lake or how I wish my Rhapsody account was in force so I could plug in my ear phones and listen to some music. I did end up going to the lake. It was beautiful out there.

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